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Admissions Process & Requirements

When you come to 快猫成版视频, you will find more than just a top-notch education guiding you to a lifetime of achievement. You will discover something special within yourself - an inner strength and profound understanding of your ability to make a difference and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Start your journey with TROY today by selecting the appropriate category to learn more about your next steps.



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At 快猫成版视频, we understand that life happens and can delay the goal of degree completion.  The great news is that no matter how long you have worked to get back on track, it is not too late to realize your dream of graduating with a degree from TROY.  Let us assist you by re-evaluating your course credits and determining if there is an opportunity to help you reach that goal sooner. 

Please complete the form below and an advisor will review your evaluation and reach out to you to discuss a pathway toward degree completion. You have come too far and worked way too hard to not make this dream a reality. 

An application fee waiver is available for students returning after two years.  Balances due must be paid in full before students will be allowed to register for classes.

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