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Admission Information

Graduate Admission Information

The Graduate School provides students with opportunities for advancement of knowledge in multiple areas of study. We aim to create an environment that fosters both individual and collaborative learning, engages intellectual challenge and original thinking and requires practical application of knowledge to develop students in their selected areas of work and research. 

The Graduate School has three categories of admission-unconditional, conditional and temporary. All programs have requirements in addition to the minimum Graduate School standards. Potential students should read the section on admissions in the Graduate Catalog as well as the admission section under their chosen program. 

For your convenience, we have provided information below regarding items needed to complete your application, cost and fees, financial aid and entrance exam test dates. Please scroll down and select any of the designated topics for more information. 

Application for Admission
To apply for admission to the Graduate School, click to complete the Application for Admission and pay the non-refundable application fee.

快猫成版视频 Letter of Recommendation
The recommender should address the individual's potential for success in the selected graduate program and his/her written and oral communication skills. Letters submitted to meet specific program requirements may be used for admission to the Graduate School to satisfy this admission requirement. Letters can be uploaded to your supplemental items on your TROY Application Profile.

Final official transcripts
You will need final official transcripts from all schools attended. Degree granting university must bear degree and date awarded. For information on TROY transcripts please contact Office of Academic Records at 1-800-414-5756.

Test scores
You will need test score results for the GRE (verbal and quantitative scores), MAT or GMAT. Contact the 快猫成版视频 Admission Office nearest you for appropriate test information and score requirements. Testing information may be obtained from the Graduate School Test option on the graduate school home page. International students should refer to International admissions requirements in the current graduate catalog.

Medical History Form (For Troy Campus students ONLY)
Medical History Form with medical documentation is required for all Troy Campus and students attending the School of Nursing. For further information please contact the Mary E. Rich Health Center, 快猫成版视频, Troy, Alabama, 36082 at 1-334-670-3452.

College of Education students
College of Education students must submit a copy of all teaching certificates and an evaluation of teaching experience.

University parking
University parking is available for commuter and resident students. You should contact University Police or parking services office on your campus to receive information about campus parking procedures and to purchase a student parking sticker.

University housing (Troy Campus students only)
University housing is available on the Troy Campus. In order to apply for campus housing please contact the 快猫成版视频 Housing and Residence Life Office at 1-334-670-3346.

Financial assistance
Financial assistance is available for TROY graduate students. For information please contact the 快猫成版视频 Financial Aid Office at 1-800-414-5756.

Registration dates, class times and schedule of classes
This information may be found on the Web site of the TROY location you plan to attend.

Transient students
Transient students must submit transient approval forms from the institution currently attending and must receive medical clearance.

Graduate transfer students
Graduate transfer students should consult graduate bulletin for transfer hour limitations for your degree area. A Petition for Credit Form must be completed in order to apply credit. These forms are available from your nearest 快猫成版视频 site.

Readmission forms are available at the nearest 快猫成版视频 site. You must be readmitted if you have been out of school for at least one full term excluding summer terms. You must be a student in good standing and remain enrolled in your previous masters degree program in order to be eligible for readmission. If other schools were attended during this time period, contact the admissions office to determine appropriate admission procedures.

Professional Military Education Credit (PME)
快猫成版视频 awards transfer credit for specific Professional Military Education (PME) courses completed at select military service schools for which credit is recommended by the American Council on Education and approved by each appropriate college鈥檚 dean. The number of hours granted for each program is limited to a maximum of 12 semester hours. No credit may be granted for work that will be over eight years old at the time of graduation from the 快猫成版视频 program for which transfer credit was requested. No waivers will be permitted.

Each 快猫成版视频 site has its own schedule of tuition and fees for students and procedures for payment and refunds. For information about tuition and fees at the TROY site you wish to attend visit that site.

Alabama Campuses

TROY Online

TROY Support Centers

Housing (For Troy Campus Students ONLY)
Housing accommodations are available on campus for students in residence halls at 快猫成版视频. Inquiries and applications should be submitted to the Director of University Housing.

University Apartments, located at the end of North Franklin Drive, consist of 48 air-conditioned one and two-bedroom units operated by the University for married students.

Since the demand for these units is considerable, interested couples should contact the Office of University Housing and Residence Life well in advance for reservation.

The Office of University Housing and Residence Life endeavors to assist persons seeking apartments, rooms or other off-campus housing in finding suitable accommodations. Students desiring assistance in securing off-campus accommodations should contact the Housing Office.

Graduate students at 快猫成版视频 may receive limited financial aid. Students may apply for an  Unsubsidized Loan (maximum $20,500) and/or a Grad Plus loan up to the total cost of attendance for an academic year. 

Students enrolled for a minimum of two full time graduate level courses are considered full time, subject to an 8 semester hour minimum. Students must enroll for a minimum of one full time graduate level course to be considered half-time students, subject to a four semester hour minimum.

Graduate students transferring from another institution must submit a Financial Aid Transcript from all institutions previously attended.

All forms required to apply for graduate student financial aid are available on the , or may be available from your local financial aid representative.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships (For students attending Alabama campuses ONLY)
Students may search and apply for all Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships through the

Assistance for Veterans
For information about financial aid available to veterans, call 1-334-670-3701.

Minority Doctoral Scholars Program - Southern Regional Education Board
The Southern Regional Education Board's State Doctoral Scholars Program was developed with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Ford Foundation. It is part of a nationwide initiative, the Compact for Faculty Diversity, to produce more minority Ph.D.s and to encourage them to seek faculty positions.


Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
For more information on testing locations, costs, and deadlines for registrations and score reporting procedures, visit or call 1-800-537-3160 (outside the U.S. and Canada telephone 1-609-771-7243) or contact the Sylvan Learning Center 1-334-262-0043 (Montgomery Location) or 1-334 677-6334 (Dothan Location) for an appointment.


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
For more information on testing locations, costs, and deadlines for registrations and score reporting procedures, visit the  or call Sylvan Learning Center at 1-334-262-0043 (Montgomery location) or 1-334-677-6334 or 1-334-262-0043 (Montgomery location) or 1-334-677-6334 (Dothan location) for an appointment.




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