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Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistantships may be awarded to qualified graduate students by a competitive application process. Assistants currently receive stipend pay on a monthly basis. Scholarship Assistantships also receive a tuition waiver for up to nine semester hours for each Fall and Spring semester, as well as three semester hours for Summer semester. Fees, such as computer and student activity fees, and books are the student鈥檚 responsibility. 

Graduate Assistants serve in a variety of capacities such as research, course instruction, aid in administrative offices, assist with special projects and provide support in areas throughout the university. 

Students wishing to apply for graduate assistantships may correspond directly with the office or program offering the assistantship. Students are free to apply for assistantships in any office or program, not only in the program to which they are admitted. The Graduate School does not maintain a list of available assistantships those can be found through the



G.A. Guidelines

Purpose of Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship Program

The objectives of the Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship program are to provide professional experiences that complement graduate instruction and research while contributing financial assistance to students pursuing graduate degrees.  This assistantship/fellowship program is designed to aid in the successful completion of the degree pursued and to enhance career opportunities through applied professional experiences.

The Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship Program is administered by the Dean of the Graduate School.  Additional questions regarding this program should be directed to the Dean of the Graduate School


快猫成版视频 is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.  The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, pregnancy, national origin, or disability and no qualified person shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity that receives or benefits from federal assistance.

General Eligibility

To qualify for a Graduate Assistant/Fellow appointment, a student must satisfy the following general eligibility requirements. Additional eligibility requirements may exist according to teaching and/or research positions.

  1. Must possess an undergraduate degree with an excellent academic record;
  2. Must be pursuing a graduate degree in the field to which assigned or in a related field in which the student has substantial experience;
  3. If applying for a Research or Teaching Assistantship or Fellowship the student must be unconditionally admitted to a graduate program at 快猫成版视频
  4. Must be registered in the Graduate School for at least six graduate semester credit hours during a regular semester or summer term.  An exception to this requirement may be made by the Dean of the Graduate School under the following conditions:
    1. If a student is classified as a graduate student and is required to take undergraduate courses for the graduate degree, either a minimum of nine undergraduate hours or a minimum of three graduate hours and six undergraduate hours must be taken to qualify for a graduate assistantship.
    2. If a student has made satisfactory progress toward obtaining the graduate degree and needs fewer than six graduate hours to complete the degree, the student may be considered for an assistantship.
  5. When tuition scholarship is included in the graduate assistantship, this award may impact the student's eligibility for federal programs of financial assistance. Students are responsible for checking with the Office of Financial Aid.
  6. International graduate students must be in compliance with all U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements.
  7. Students who are required to submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores as part of their graduate admission requirements must have a score of 79 (Internet-based test) or 213 (computer based test) or 550 (paper-based test) to be considered. Additionally, evidence of English language proficiency may be required for some positions.

Application Process

Students may search and apply for posted Graduate Assistant and Fellow positions available through . The student will need to attach a resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, and any additional information required by the department as a part of the online application process.  The student will need to submit a separate online application for each open position that they are interested in.

Graduate Assistantship Awards

The Award of Graduate Assistantships vary depending upon position some may be only stipend whereas others may include both a stipend and scholarship award. All recipients of the Graduate Assistantship will at all times meet the 鈥済eneral eligibility鈥 criteria set forth in the Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships and any additional academic standards set forth by the individual graduate programs. Additionally, recipients will comply with all stated policies and Standards of Conduct outlined by the University. Any recipient found in violation of University policy or not upholding these stated standards will no longer be eligible for the GA Tuition Scholarship award.

For students receiving the tuition scholarship for their position please be advised of the information below:

Fall and Spring Semesters:

Graduate Assistantship (GA) Tuition Scholarships will be awarded to all qualified and approved Graduate Administrative, Teaching and Research Assistants for payment of graduate tuition up to $2500 per semester. The GA Tuition Scholarship may be awarded only for 5000-6000-or 7000-levelcourses. The GA Tuition Scholarship shall not be used toward any undergraduate prerequisite courses. Scholarship awards shall be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School and distributed through the Financial Aid office located on the 快猫成版视频 campus.



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