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Transfer Credit from Foreign Colleges/Universities

Students seeking transfer credit from regionally accredited foreign institutions must request an official credit evaluation from the 快猫成版视频 Academic Evaluation Center through the online request form located at . This request will not be processed until the official transcript(s) to be reviewed along with official translated course description(s) AND/OR an official evaluation report from any evaluation agency which is a member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) have been received by 快猫成版视频. A complete list of NACES members can be found at . Please note that AACRAO no longer provides individual evaluation reports but will continue to issue copies of already completed evaluations; thus, 快猫成版视频 still accepts AACRAO evaluation reports students requested/received prior to September 2016.

Students may pursue one of the following two methods for an official International Credit Evaluation: (Evaluation options can depend on the student's home location and/or immigration status.)

  1. Students who hold F/J visas AND are attending one of 快猫成版视频 campuses located in Alabama (Troy, Dothan, Montgomery, and Phenix City) will be required to present to the 快猫成版视频 International Admissions Office (IAO) original transcripts including an English translation and university prepared course descriptions. Using established University protocols, the IAO will authenticate all submitted documents, verify institution鈥檚 regional accreditation, forward transfer credit request to the Coordinator of International Transcript Evaluation with the Academic Evaluation Center (AEC), and/or instruct the student to submit the online request form for academic evaluation. The Coordinator with the AEC will determine allocation units for transfer credits and grade conversion, and assign 快猫成版视频 equivalencies based on previously approved equivalency matrices or transfer credit guidelines. Major specific course descriptions will be forwarded to appropriate academic departments for review. If approved, transfer credits will be posted as specific 快猫成版视频 equivalent courses; if denied, transfer credits will be posted as free electives.
  2. Students who are not attending TROY on a F/J visa, but who have international credits they wish to have evaluated (i.e. non-partner Global campus / military affiliated students, or students holding other visa types), must request an official course-by-course evaluation from any evaluation agency which is a member of NACES () or a copy of AACRAO evaluation if one was completed prior to September 2016 to be sent to the following address:

Attn: Transcripts
100 University Park
Troy, Alabama 36082

Students must also request official transcripts and course descriptions to be sent to the above address at 快猫成版视频 directly from the issuing institutions and submit the online request form for academic evaluation (). Official Electronic Transcripts can be e-mailed to Upon request, the Coordinator with the AEC will post transfer credits as evaluated by the outside agency. Additional departmental review through the University course substitution process is commonly needed in these cases if recommended course equivalent titles are vague and adequate course content cannot be determined from the credit recommendation alone.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students who have attended an overseas partner university whose degree courses include specific courses from the designated partner institution as well as specific courses from 快猫成版视频 will not need to request an evaluation of the academic credits from the partner institution. These academic credits will be processed by personnel responsible for the administration of those partnership programs. For any questions regarding students in this category, please contact the International Sites Coordinator at (334) 670-3619.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students who have attended an international university and whose attendance was coordinated and monitored through TROY Abroad program, should contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Center for International Programs, for information regarding the process of transferring those international credits to TROY once the approved study abroad is completed. Detailed information regarding the guidelines for study abroad transfer credit as well as the approval form for course equivalencies may be found at .


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