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Who needs an evaluation?

Current students who:

  • Seek an Associate's or Bachelor's degree and have previously attempted credit at another institution of higher education.
  • Have test scores for any of the following:
        AP Exams CLEP DSST
        Dantes IB GCE A/AS Level
  • Serve in the military or have completed military service.
  • Possess formal civilian training that has been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Have credits from an international institution. Please click here for Foreign Transfer Credit.


Does TROY award credit for graduate-level coursework?

A limited amount of graduate credit may be awarded for select courses completed at a regionally accredited college or university and approved by each appropriate College鈥檚 Dean. The credit will be awarded if approved by the appropriate academic department/Dean through the PETITION FOR TRANSFER OF GRADUATE CREDIT process. Graduate students must refer to their specific area of study in the graduate catalog to find out if such credit is an option for their program. No credit may be granted for any work that will be over eight years old at the time of graduation from the TROY program for which transfer credit is requested. For college-specific transfer credit information please see the appropriate graduate catalog.


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